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 Sylvia Ji, Byroglyphics, Natalie shau, Zoe Lacchie, Tom Bagshaw, Carles Gomila, Brad Macmath, Riccardo Pocci, Ben Tour, Kevin Earl Taylor, Brandon Dunlap, Jesse leroy Smith, Paul Lemmon, Jennifer Davis.

 "Beautifully wicked"

 The work of our artists both emerging and established, shares a common theme, it transcends traditional

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perceptions; and so we use the term "Cult Art" to better describe their work, Work that we believe to be culturally significant, and proud to champion.

"Subversive, challenging and beautiful"

Our high quality limited editions showcase the art to the best advantage and with exclusive edition sizes, you can be sure you will be getting a piece from a truly unique artist

"The finest and roughest in art publishing"

Our collections exude a raw beauty that comes from the artists lack of boundaries and unwillingness to conform, this creates extraordinary freedoms of expression and Creativity, with no limits, anything can happen.

"Contemporary art with a cool urban swagger"